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We offer our services to all kinds of accounting entities to the fullest extent of the auditing occupation, especially:

  • Statutory audits – a review of the individual financial statement, concluded by submitting an auditor’s report, along with information to the entity’s management
  • Consolidated financial statement reviews
  • Individual annual report reviews
  • Consolidated annual report reviews
  • Personal audits
  • Extraordinary financial statement audits in case of company fusions, mergers, or separations
  • Financial statement audits in case of liquidations or bankruptcies
  • Report reviews for parent companies, etc.

We also provide the following services:

  • Rolling audits and resolving issues
  • Consultations on accounting and tax issues
  • Consultations on drawing up in-house regulations
  • Sending written information about possible risks to clients (tax, financial, and organization risks, etc.)

Ing. Peter Mestický – executive director, auditor, tax consultant
E-mail: mesticky@provera.sk
Phone no.: +421/2/43 29 19 50

Ing. Martina Marhefková, PhD. – authorized representative, auditor
E-mail: marhefkova@provera.sk
Phone no.: +421/2/43 29 19 50