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Baru§o Law, s.r.o.

Legal services

We offer you legal services through Baru§o Law, s.r.o. – a Law office which provides a wide range of legal services, mainly in the following areas of law:

  • Business law with a focus on trading company law for small and medium-sized businesses; contract administration; construction law; legal services for developers; real estate management
  • Regarding civil and administration law, we represent natural persons and corporate bodies in Slovak courts, state authorities, and local authorities, ensure the implementation of legal acts, and perform legal submissions, proposals, or remedies. Additionally, we represent our clients in distraints, offer a complex range of legal services concerning purchases, appropriations, and encumbrances, as well as handling and managing real estate
  • With regards to labour law, we provide services not only to employers in order to support their business activities, but also to employees in order to secure their rights and interests protected by law. When it comes to tax law, we help you both with the tax administration process (conducting analyses), and with appealing against the decisions of appropriate authorities (filing appeals and legal actions)

Legal services are secured either by providing the client with long-term continuous care, or individually, i.e. as currently necessary.

JUDr. Rudolf Hajžuš - Attorney at Law  
E-mail: hajzus@provera.sk
Phone no.: +421/2/43 29 19 50